223: Duke Rennie and DyingBreedS8s….

Duke Renie DyingBreed

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I’ve been riding my skates in empty pools, ramps and skateboard parks for the last 31 years. I turned pro at the Dog Bowl Pro contest at Marina Del Rey Skate Park in 1978. I have met some of the finest people I have ever known through skating. Pool skating continues to be a great and thrilling adventure in my life. Fred Blood and I started out together and I don’t believe either one of us would have gotten as far as we did without the other . We pushed each other every day that we skated and we skated every day. It was what we lived for. There used to be many skaters in the skateboard parks and it didn’t seem all that strange. These days when I show up to skate it’s a real oddity. There are a handful of diehard skaters out there still ripping pools from coast to coast and across the globe. You won’t usually find more than one of us at any given time at a particular location. I am hoping to change that in the next couple of years. Guys like Brian Wainright over on the east coast and my good friend Irene Ching from New York, and Jay Tubb over in the U.K. are all die hard skaters that continue to spread the word and shred their local spots on a regular basis, for the love of the sport. There are actually many more skaters out there that deserve recognition and perhaps if your reading this you’ll get the chance to see one or more of them in action.

Keeping the faith

Duke Rennie,


Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Well Duke it was never really officially stated but The House of Steam has an open door policy to all legends!…keep the cool stuff heading our way.Checkout DyingBreed to follow along with Duke’s quest to light a fire under the ass of Vert Rollerskaters. Grab a t-shirt too.

Hey Look Allen Gibson’s Delaware Water Gap Team Pain skate facility and some NYC Vert rollers…Someone please send me a clip of Allen skating.

Supply you own tunes to this one.



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East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

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