206: Vert Roller Skating: Irene Ching, Duke Rennie, and Team Steam’s (Jah Steam/Southern Divisions) Brian Wainwright

Irene Ching the house of steam

Irene Ching Santa Monica Cove 2007

Duke Rennie the house of steam

Duke Rennie Frontside air Santa Monica Cove 2007

Hi Jason,

I’ve been out in LA skating, just getting back to reality here in NYC.
I will send you my collection of photos, both past and present.
And with more patience, I will write some stories for your fabulous site.

Pic of me and the frontside air is Duke Rennie (famous vert rollerskater from the 80’s)
at Santa Monica “The Cove”.

Thanks alot, Irene

Since Irene is going to contribute her amazing photos to The House of Steam it is only fair to  shine a light on something she holds near an dear in return (i.e)…Vert Roller Skating.

“But what does Vert Rollerskating have to do with The House of Steam?” you ask. Well for starters Irene Ching is an NYC/Barn local from day one and  Brian #1 in the world Wainwright is on TEAM STEAM…..

Let’s reference the Team Steam Charter of 1987:

Steam Charter

There it is in red and white. Brian Wainwright Vert Rollerskater extraordinare a Team Steam member.

(We will come back to Brian, I just wanted to establish our VR cred at  THOS)

Vert Rollerskating is pretty sick especially when  folks skate frontside.  Try standing up with your heals together and imagine doing a frontside tick… its crazy.

Duke Rennie is one of the greatest Vert Roller Skaters of all time and you can read all about him here.

in addition here is some You Tube video action from their session.


Brian Wainwright and Monster Roll!


YouTubeSkate (Videos)





East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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1 thought on “206: Vert Roller Skating: Irene Ching, Duke Rennie, and Team Steam’s (Jah Steam/Southern Divisions) Brian Wainwright

  1. tim altic

    cool to see the stuff. I would sure like to skate with everyone on the team. Just cruisin the net to see what is there. Wish all of you would come out to Colorado and if you do, contact me and I would most like to skate a little town called Fairplay. The park is all 7’and higher. Please come out and skate !


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