169: Irene Ching!! Hail Hail the gangs all here. Circa 86 The Barn NJ

Irene Ching Barn 86 jason oliva the house of steam

Irene Ching circa 86 The Barn, NJ

Hi Jason,

I wanted to submit some photos of the Barn for your great website.

I had the pleasure of skating with Dennis and Jimmy Kane this past Saturday (July 7, 07) at the Delaware Gap facility.
It has been some 20 years since I’ve seen them last. Wow! It was a good time with Papo and Pup
(puppetsjazzbar.. clicky..jason) sessioning, too.
Of course, I brought my old collection of photos to show them, and that’s when they told me to contact you.
I hope they can be of use. I do have more pics of the Barn.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Irene Ching

So I get introduced to Allen Gibson (DG Skate Facility) through mutual friends in NYC. Allen knows Menditto, Boyle..etc etc. I introduce him to Jimmy and Dennis Kane. They go to skate and Papo, Pup, and Irene are all there….too cool!!!

Irene has sent in some of the best pictures of The Barn to date and has a ton more for us!

Cant wait…here is a sample of the gems:

Jim Murphy jason oliva the house of steam barn 86

Jim Murphy The Barn circa 86

Pre Dread Zorlac John Gibson riding Jim Murphy!

Nice one Irene!!

PS..If you are in any of these photos send us a comment or an email! We are looking for you!!


YouTubeSkate (Videos)





East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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2 thoughts on “169: Irene Ching!! Hail Hail the gangs all here. Circa 86 The Barn NJ

  1. DennisK

    It was great seeing Irene, Papo, and Puppet…most of the NYC crew at The Gap. Where is Jeremy H.??? Allen has the best ramp I have ever had the pleasure to ride. These old pics of Irene and Murf were taken on the same night. I can see Dan Tag with the cut off flannel and orange t-shirt in both shots. That is Tag, me and (???) on the deck, as Irene cracks an air. Tag is on the flat under Murf. Irene showed up with Jeremy Henderson, Jaime Aff, Papo, and others from the NYC/Jersey City area. This was pre-roller blades and Irene would bust inverts and airs on roller skates like crazy. She still does…in her mid 40’s. Irene and I had the same red and white padded Molley skate shorts. I look forward to seeing these folks soon. DennisK

  2. Nelo

    Hy Irene!!

    It really looks like those were very, very good days!

    Keep on ripping as you do!

    A big hug from Spain,


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