149: Derek Rinaldi speaking about the East Coast

Derek Rinaldi Manahawkin 1990 jason oliva the house of steam

Derek Rinaldi Manahawkin, NJ 1990
This was one of the funnest parks (Manahawkin)in NJ. Masonite pool with real
pool coping, mini ramps. et. I forget the guys names who ran it but
they were some of the nicest people ever.

Derek Rinaldi Thradher 1990 jason oliva the house of steam

Thrasher Magazine 1990

photo Ken Salerno

My info ;

Name: Derek Rinaldi

Age: 38 As of May 29

Years skating 23 years

Sponsors over the years – SHUT, G&S,Think, Vision Street Wear, Venture Truck, Spitfire Wheels

First contest Westwood cycle – Steve Rocco & Gonzales judged

Favorite terrain – Bad transitions

General NJ skate words.

The late 80’s were a great time to be a skateboarder in south jersey. One summer a couple kids had build a vert ramp in Silverton NJ, not far from my house in Ortley Beach. At the same time a public swimming pool had been closed and abandoned only a few miles from the ramp in Brick. Not to mention the endless street skating by the beach. It was more than enough to keep a hand full of skinny skaters out of trouble.

And then the migration came. First Mike Vallely and friends were making regular visits to the shore. Jim Murphy, Jef Hartsel & Brad Constable were caravanning down the parkway with Darren Menditto and Steve Herring at the silverton ramp and brick pool. We were alive. We’d been riding this terrain for days on days doing the same tricks. Our eyes were open. Next thing we knew our local ramp and pool were in the pages of Thrasher Magazine. From this summer on, we’d be making regular trips to the Blue Ramp, The barn ramp, Ocean City Md. & New York City. The transformation was on. From street hangers to world travelers. Friendships were made that have stretched years. The skating that went on in NJ during those years were, i believe, some of the most important in East Coast skate history

True Dat Derek! (Say hello to Derek at MySpace.. He always has a good tune goin)

I was going to make a big elaborate post inserting pictures here an there for this but I figures whats the rush! Lets spread it all out. Recently Derek along with Uber Thrasher Photographer Ken Salerno have become key contributors to The House of Steam project. The only thing I have to say about it is I could not be happier…Me hardrive is a swelling wit images of the Golden Age and I am looking forward to bringing them all to you.

So in honor of all that Derek you get THOS long weekend slot (Im going to Eccles Beach, UK…google earth me I’ll be the one lying in the sand in my jumper) i’ll be AFK till Monday.

So dont forget our brand new forums!!! Thanks to all those registered and posting.

and look forward to some sick pic history from Derek’s personal stash.

PS I have received alot of great stuff lately and it will all make it into the archive (trust me) I got to get it all outta email onto the compy then wrap my head around it…So please keep it coming..Let The House of Steam sort it out.

jason oliva

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1 thought on “149: Derek Rinaldi speaking about the East Coast

  1. Rob Schorr

    Oh, yeah!! Was that park called Wooden Waves? On a infamous roadtrip down to South Jersey, the Team Splat crew snuck in there after they went out of business. It was alot of fun and ahead of it’s time for the parks on the eastcoast.


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