145: Rodney Smith contributes to the Noside Skate Jam Discussion (Steve Kasper does a street plant on a cop car) and adds a little history about the dawning of The SHUT era too!

Murph Rodney Mike Valelly Steve Kaspar Edisen 86 jason oliva the house of steam

Jim Murph, Rodney Smith Mike Valelly and Steve Kasper Noside (EDISON NJ) Skate Jam 1986

Steve Kasper 86 Edison jason oliva The house of steam

Steve Kasper Street Plant on a cop car 1986 Noside Skate Jam

Hey Jason…Whats up man…What up V

Yeah…Mike has summed that photo up. My two cents goes something like this. I think that 1/4 pipe is a section from Groholski’s Demo mini ramp set-up.
If I’m not mistaken the sections came from the same spot ( Staten Island skate park) as his Big ramp. The first time I ever saw (
Jim)Murf, Tom(Groholski),(Steve) Herring, (Chuck)Treece was at a 4-H demo in Jersey some where. Tom’s dad talked to my dad and told us they had purchased the Staten Island big ramp. He told us we where welcome to skate whenever sessions went down. Stoked ! Beyond words.
My friend Steve Willis and I would train it to New Brunswick and skate to North Brunswick…F’n far ways. Willis would bug the shit out of Tom (Crazy questions about how to do tricks) so much I thought he was going to ban us from the ramp. Tom and is entire family are some of the coolest people in the world hands down.

Mike (Valelly) rode the Action East deck because that was all I had to offer him at the time. I think he wore his Powell deck to shit or broke it… I worked at Freestyle in Woodbridge center mall, Woodbridge N.J. And would have hooked him with something. The Variflex boxes had stopped coming to me ( not knowing it was all toy store and no Pro program existed anymore) and Losi started his thing shortly after that.

Mike might have forgotten this fact…Powell/Peralta had lost contact with him for a minute when he moved back to N.J. From Virginia Beach. My manager said Stacy Peralta had called the shop trying to get a number for Mike. I guess nobody in VB had a number ( No cell phones…) for him. I called Stacy back and told him I would give Mike there number to call them back.

By 1986 the NYC crew and myself skated all the time. I was hitting N.Y. City on the regular and that is when the early Shut members grouped together ( as sponsored skaters) to travel and compete locally and out of own. Eli Gesner and Arron Lennox skated for SMA and Z ( George Wilson), Jeremy Henderson skated for Dogtown and Indy, Harry Jumogi skated for HOSOI, Ian From was flowed by Powell and Soho skates, Bruno Musso and Aly Moore repped Blockhead, Beasley and a few more heads got hooked up by us. we made sure heads had stuff to ride.
This was one of the original crews that made lots of noise in the city. A posse with no title, just skills. The Shut era had began and we didn’t even know it yet.

It was the end of 87’ that we assembled together to form a rebellion against the industry for producing shitty decks that only catered to Vert riding. Of course nothing against Vert riding( we skated whatever to our best abilities) the decks back then showed “ True Colors” of weakness as far as all around skating was concerned. SHUT was born to self cater to our needs. Bruno, Aly, Jeremy and myself took it upon ourselves to make a change.

The House of Steam Rules


Thanks as always to Rodney (Click for SHUTNYC)...Derek Rinaldi (especially for getting this history out to the world) and Mike V (hardest working man in the Skatebusimenship, go see Revolution Mother perform!!)

This stuff is priceless. One pic with Murph, Rodney , Mike and Kasper… that crew covered every aspect of skating, music, business, travel… just living, that I can think of.

In my opinion this was a pivotal moment in East Coast Skate History let alone Skate history as a whole.

This is what The House of Steam project is all about…Keep it coming fellas!!!

If you where at the Noside event send your stuff to us jasonoliva@gmail.com (hell send what you got regardless)



2 thoughts on “145: Rodney Smith contributes to the Noside Skate Jam Discussion (Steve Kasper does a street plant on a cop car) and adds a little history about the dawning of The SHUT era too!

  1. Taylor

    I saw Bruno a couple years ago in AZ when he was working with Hawk and some of his tours (Mike V also). We sat there and on the deck in either Chandler or PV and talked about this very topic.

    SHUT was one of the reasons people started to recognize the Northeast (especially NY / NJ) as a player in the skateboard world. Other things contributed like of course The Barn, Tom, Tag, Bernie etc. but SHUT sort of made things legit.

    It’s funny even seeing Dune or Felix over the years in CA the may not always remember my name but they would always look at me and say “Barn…right???”

  2. David in New Brunswick

    I recall the Edison and the East Brunswick Jams, and i still have a couple of old boards with SHUT stickers on them. I was skating in New Brunswick and the World (NYC) from like 86 to 92. I’ve still got some great pictures from Groholski’s halfpipe, the EB parking lot jams and the Brooklyn Banks and a few jams in Hells Kitchen at the handball courts in 1990.


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