114: More from Neal Hendrix Dog psssssr to fakie 2006 Woodward West


Neal Hendrix dog pssssssr to fakie(yikes) 2006 woodward west

So whats Neal done and been up to?

I asked him….

Hmmm, a rundown of my skate career????? Holy cow, here goes….

Grew up outside of Winston-Salem,NC skating backyards and later parks
all over the mid Atlantic. Started to progress with skating when
Eastern Vert park opened in early 1990. Turned pro for New Deal in May
1991 and started traveling around the world almost full time. Eastern
Vert closed in 1993 and I moved to Southern California to be closer to
sponsors and good vert ramps. Started riding for Black Label in 1997.
Skated on the Vans Warped Tour doing vert demo’s in the US and all over
the world every summer from 1995 until about 2004. Have been skating
all of the Pro vert contests the last few years, usually about 20 comps
a year. In 2005 I started working from home for Woodward Camp which is
my first real job since I turned pro! Won Skatepark of Tampa Pro vert
contest and Shanghai Showdown in 2005. Last year skated on the Tony
Hawk Boom Boom Huckjam Tour for the first time. Nowadays, skating tons,
trying to keep my 33 year old body healthy, getting ready for a super
busy 2007 on the vert contest/demo circus, working on a bunch of cool
new projects for Woodward.

Sounds like a life worth living my Brutha!! Keep us posted and let us know whats goin down at Woodward…..

jason oliva

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