112: Dan Tag Invert Cedar Crest Country Club Virginia circa 1987


Dan Tag Invert CCCC circa 1987

Photo Jason Oliva

This photo gives a great look at the behemoth that was CCCC. Red steel layer with a house under the deck! They were just beginning to put in poles to build a roof and viewing platforms along the side. I have to admit it looked like a Greek Ruin with those columns when you pulled up in your car.

If you can spot yourself on the deck send us an email or a comment!

jason oliva

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7 thoughts on “112: Dan Tag Invert Cedar Crest Country Club Virginia circa 1987

  1. McB.

    You are missing Mike Mapp on your side bar….that is a must.. as far as history of this ramp…i used to love the turns thru Bull Run to get to this place from Woodbridge in my V-Dub…Sad to hear CCCC is no more !
    It has a Woodstock type remembrance in my memory !

  2. jay henry

    I keep telling Jason I am going to get more pics from DC (in storage there) and I am. I have been very busy what with the move to NYC and I have only gone skating a couple of times in 6 months! I will get thosde pics and dammit we’ll have a party after that!

  3. craig

    Cedar Crest was a fun place the band i played with back in the 80s LDK played a couple of the ramp jams there maybe like 88 89 i think once we played at the bottom of the ramp and the 2nd time we played on the top of the ramp and that place got crazy that night everybody was trashed and riot broke out at that one.


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