98: Been away for the week…Now Im back…..Jay Henry Laurel Skate Park Richmond VA circa 1993 A “PROPER” Method Air


Jay Henry PROPER Method Air Laurel Skate Park circa 1993 Richmond VA

Here’s a good looking method air, Laurel Skate park circa 93. That’s Richmond, or actually right outside of it. I have a million and 4 photos from there as well, I can’t wait to get them to you. I was so stoked at this site, and my friend Larry Glover was too. The best part is that everything I sat here and told him about it was in print, and I had back up to my stories. Oh, by the way, that aint no good looking method air, that is proper my friend, PROPER

jay henry

TRULY PROPER!! Nice one Jay

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Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

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Transworld…Thrasher…the lot of em.

jason oliva


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2 thoughts on “98: Been away for the week…Now Im back…..Jay Henry Laurel Skate Park Richmond VA circa 1993 A “PROPER” Method Air

  1. jay

    that pic… the thing i love about it…its just that i look so damn dirty and sweaty, I look like a bum, god i love that


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