88: Bernie O’Dowd frontside air Tom Groholski’s skateboard ramp NJ circa 1984


Bernie O’Dowd frontside air TomGroholski’s ramp NJ circa 1984

I road Tom’s ramp once Dan Tag brought me…. it was a tricky one I remember it being really slick, wish I brought my camera that day.

If you are one of the individuals on the ground in this photo let us know who you are!

jason oliva


HEY MAN This is the House of Steam circa 1988
Photo Kevin McDowall

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jason oliva


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6 thoughts on “88: Bernie O’Dowd frontside air Tom Groholski’s skateboard ramp NJ circa 1984

  1. Dave R

    This is where I learned how to skate vert! Not very well, but I was sure to go and try. Sick roll in on the side of the ramp, and I’ll never forget the hipper I got learning how to drop in on this ramp. It was def. a shame when Wendy told me her dad took it down.
    dave r

  2. brian

    Bernie taught me how to skate behind Memorial Middle School in Spotswood NJ, brought me to Groholski’s ramp for the 1st time. Being able to watch them and Mike V were epic!


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