71: The House of WEEP: How many times did we see the Bad Brains together?


Earl Hudson, HR, and Jason Oliva Washington DC 1988

Saw a ton of show’s with WEEP at The Ritz (webster hall now) in NYC. One of the all time greats was Warzone, Token Entry , Murphy’s Law then the headliners…The Bad Brains… Somehow later we wound up on Jimmy Gestapo’s Murphy’s Law snowboarding team.

Now a new Bad Brains record with a Beastie Boy producing!!!

coming soon… Me an Weep meet RUN DMC!!

Jason Oliva

Bad Brains Back In Business With Album, Shows




jason oliva

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2 thoughts on “71: The House of WEEP: How many times did we see the Bad Brains together?

  1. Suzi

    It’s such a trip. Weep and I met in JH in the early 90’s, where we worked together at Mountunes and started the Rave production company Real Productions, we also spun a punk rock nite at a local bar together. But for years before that we traveled the same circles in NYC, it’s a wonder we never met there. I saw so many Bad Brains shows in the 80’s. I lived on St Marks bet 1&2nd and 10th bet B&C right down the St from where Weep lived for a while. Beasties used to open up for HR and the boyz at the A7 club, my hangout. I’m sure we were at some of those shows together.

  2. jasonoliva

    Hey Suzi

    Thanks for the comments. If you ever boaught a cassette from Tower records on Bway back in those times you probably crossed paths with Weep and never knew it. Weep an I did a skate demo once at Irving Plaza for their Milkway night. The Stussy guy promoted it (all he had were T shirts then) I think Stetsasonic performed and Weep and I met DMC and Jam Master J. NYC at the end of the 80’s was a cool place.
    Thanks again

    Send us any stories or pics you have!

    The House of Steam


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