65: Why Team Steam?: Jim Murphy at The Barn 1986 or so.


Jim Murphy Back side straight leg air at the Barn Newjersey 1986

Photograph Ben Cornish

On Deck: Dan Tag (Alva Helmet)

Terra Firma: Jimmy Kane, Rick “Steam Boat” Charnoski, an injured (knee) Chris “WEEP” Blank, and and Kelly powell.

I remember the night in the Barn when Ben was hanging out over the deck on the photo platform. Jim was talkin’ to Rick Charno and Weeps was sitting on the couch next to Rick. Then it looks like some girl (maybe Kelly Powell). The very next shot (or previous shot) was of Murf cracking a big BS air . Chest high 4+ ft. out. His back leg was kicked out straight. Murf never had head gear. He would wear this French beret thing. This was pre dreads and pre sponsor. Prototype graphics. Tags head is in the same spot and you can see Weeps and a Betty. It was cold. Maybe snow outside. The Steam in the air was Tags breath. I bet Weeps was hurt or he would be riding too. I have this photo (thanks to Ben and the Graphic Art room) in an 8×10. Yes, I took that class too. The Best!

Dennis Kane

Thanks Dennis!

Yep Weep hurt his knee and was using a cane at the time. He would work the clutch in The Weeper Wagon with the cane at the time.

(Inside Baseball Alert) The class Dennis is referring too is Mr. Abella’s Graphic arts class at Watchung Hills Regional Skate academy/high school where everyone went in NJ.

SO Why Team Steam?….

Team Steam came about on a road trip to a viginia beach contest one summer (85 or 86) me, tag, capn’(John Ballon), and charno(Rick Charnoski) were hangin’ around lynhaven ramp with nothing to do and nowhere to stay as usual and we were talking about the earlier session and we thought charnos aggro style was akin to a steamboat. So right after nick naming him Steamboat we included all of ourselves and made team steam appointed john the captain etc. etc. I can’t remember if the moose(Darren Menditto) was there or not but outside of us four he was the next to be on.

Bernie O’Dowd

Thanks Bernie!!

Jason Oliva


Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

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