64: Benjamin P. Cornish presents “DEMO: The Love of Destruction”


This classic documentary about Demolition Derby’s was Produced and Directed by Team Steam’s Ben Cornish circa 1990. Ben was famous for his homebrew movies during High School and college we all either helped or appeared in one or another (anyone remember Pall Mall, Head Banger from Hell, and the infamous Great Deoderant race). If I recall as a graduating final project he produced this masterpeice. Not only is it an incredibly insightful look into the wastefullness of American culture through the use of interviews it was hella fun and exciting to watch. Ben actually modifies a car and enters a Demo Derby by the end.

Who can forget the opening scene….A pounding bass line as a Mike Myers looking mechanic walks up to a car and smashes out the windows preparing it for Demo Derby specs and later the tribal Indian music as the car was decorated!!

It was premeired in New Jersey at a rented out theater all of Ben’s family and friends where in attendance with a shindig to follow. It later aired in a German Film Festival.

If you would like to see this and any other of Ben’s incredible films then start posting comments begging him to you tube it all for our pleasure!!!

Oh yeah….” This film is so damm AMERICAN it’ll make you PUKE!!: is the greatest tagline of all time.

jason oliva


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