38: Benjamin P. Cornish Pivot Night Session at The Slug PA circa 1986

Ben Cornish pivot Night Session at The Slug PA circa 1986 photo jason oliva

Benjamin P. Cornish Team Steam rider Pivot at The Slug ramp PA Night Session

Circa 1986

photo jason oliva

Skater, Husband, Father, Photographer, Director extrodinaire…..”CORN”

Met “Corn” in highschool he showed me which end of the camera to look in and we have been friends ever since.

Team Steam skated the Slug ramp all year around… at night and in the snow(snow session photo’s coming soon) nothing short of a broken down automobile ever stopped us from riding it.

It was the Slug ramp because apparently in the morning it would be covered in slugs(although I never witnessed the phenomenon myself)


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