2: DJ KING WEEP @ “The Ditch”



Team Steam member Chris “Weep” Blank doing what he does best (stylin) at the ditch in 1986.

This photograph was taken by Ben Cornish and developed at our High School’s dark room. The “Ditch” was located in New Jersey along the newly constructed route 78. It was tricked out with metal coping and extended down hill (steeply) for at least 100 yards. Needless to say Weep ruled it like no other.

This photograph has hung in my bedroom, my dorm room, and my apartment since the day it was given to me by Ben. I truly believe it is one of the greatest skate photo’s ever taken. Nice one Ben!

Click here for a video tribute to the man called Weep

Click here for Weepy’s Myspace


NYC Artist Jason Oliva


6 thoughts on “2: DJ KING WEEP @ “The Ditch”

  1. PVO

    I remember many sessions at the ditch. On R78 right? One time I tried to go down as fast as I could and grind along the way. I took a mean fall and landed square on my face. A tooth came through my upper lip and I was knocked half unconscious. Those were the days!!! LOL

    I loved that place.

    Thanks for offering the link to the Concrete wave writing on it.

    Comeout and skate Oregon. It’s everyone from Jersey’s dream. Over 90 public skate parks.



  2. jasonoliva Post author

    Hey there Sherriff PVO

    You have are vote!!
    The Scenic overlook ditch over 78 was the place.
    Any face plant you can walk away from is a good one!

    Send us some non DNA scraping photos and Ill stick em up

  3. Taylor

    If anyone makes it to Albuquerque be sure to check out “The Bear Ditch” – worth the time in you’re in the neighborhood.

  4. Kevin McDowall

    That is a hugh Mute air! I also have to agree that Steamboat’s films rule. Tent City and Fruit of the Vine are incredible and must owns.


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